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Book Review: Class by Paul Fussel (funny & informative!)

A few days ago I wrote a blog post unpacking my own cultural identities. Culture is funny. It’s pretty hard to describe your own without a little push. We tend to see our own culture as default with other people being divergent. This is especially true if you are in the majority or are somehow privileged. Really, though, there is no default. I read the book Class: A Guide Through… Read Article →

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5 Must-Read Books about Cambodia

I really love Cambodia, and I’m not sure why. The history is heartbreaking, the environment is ravaged, and the people are traumatized. Still, I love it. And I’ve always had feeling I’d go back. For most people, when they think of Cambodia, they think of the Khmer Rouge. That makes sense. Pol Pot led one of the most horrific genocides in all of history. But it’s not enough to understand… Read Article →

The cover of Jaime Zeppa's book Beyond the Sky and the Earth.

Book Review: Beyond the Earth and the Sky by Jamie Zeppa

Beyond the Earth and the Sky: A Journey into Bhutan by Jamie Zeppa is a personal account of a woman’s years in Bhutan volunteering as a teacher. The book is quite popular with the expats and volunteers in Thimphu. On the surface, the book’s popularity stems from the wealth of interesting and useful information about Bhutanese culture. On a deeper level, I believe that people appreciate the book’s authentic account… Read Article →