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Kreung Love Shacks in Cambodia

Every time I get an idea for a quick post, google proves me wrong. I wanted to write about the Love Shacks I saw in Cambodia. This was going to be a quick post about an interesting tradition. Instead, I found myself reading articles about modernization vs. female sexual agency. The Kreung tribe in northeastern Cambodia have a tradition of building their teenage kids Love Shacks. These are small one… Read Article →

Forced Marriage During the Cambodian Genocide

In October 2014, the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Cambodia (2014) published a qualitative/ quantitative study on the long term effects of forced marriage during the Khmer Rouge genocide. It’s called “Like Ghost Changes Body: A Study on the Impact of Forced Marriage under the Khmer Rouge Regime.” You can download it here. The report is extremely thorough describing tradition marriage practices, how forced marriage fit into the Khmer Rouge’s ideology, and… Read Article →

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5 Must-Read Books about Cambodia

I really love Cambodia, and I’m not sure why. The history is heartbreaking, the environment is ravaged, and the people are traumatized. Still, I love it. And I’ve always had feeling I’d go back. For most people, when they think of Cambodia, they think of the Khmer Rouge. That makes sense. Pol Pot led one of the most horrific genocides in all of history. But it’s not enough to understand… Read Article →