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Intercultural Sensitivity Part 2: Ethnorelativism

In my last post on Dr Milton’s Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, I wrote about ethnocentrism. Today let’s examine the final three: the ethnorelative stages. The first of these is acceptance and is characterized by learning. As with all learning processes, acceptance can be at times rewarding or uncomfortable. First, the reward of acceptance. During this stage, there is calm curiosity, and learning gains momentum. Each new piece of information is… Read Article →

Intercultural Sensitivity Part 1: Ethnocentrism

Difficulties with self-assessment can be a barrier to improving cultural competency and can contribute to feeling overwhelmed. It’s helpful to use a framework to understand where you are and where you need to go in this learning process. The model that resonates most strongly with me is Dr. Milton J. Bennett’s Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS). The model is comprised of 6 stages. Today we’ll talk about the first… Read Article →

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A Journey Toward Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is of special interest to international social workers. It refers to the ability to effectively work with people from other cultures, either clients or colleagues, through acceptance, adaptation, and integration.   Cultural competency is both a set of skills and a way of being. Click To Tweet   I try to regularly reflect on my practice so that I can learn from my experiences. Lately I’ve been considering… Read Article →