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Making Sense of Bhutan’s 2015 GNH Survey Results

92.1% are reportedly happy in Bhutan, per the provisional findings of the 2015 Gross National Happiness Survey. That’s a very specific number, and it’s worth looking at how it was determined. Luckily, I was just at the International Conference on Gross National Happiness where they explained it all. How does the GNH survey happiness? Actually, it doesn’t directly measure happiness. It measures the GNH “domains,” and that data is used… Read Article →

Where Happiness is a Place: Defining Happiness in Bhutan

Last week I went to the International Conference on Gross National Happiness. Along with over 500 participants representing 48 countries, we analyzed, surveyed, charted, and debated happiness for three days. Gross National Happiness was first mentioned by Bhutan’s 4th King in the 1970’s. He said that the country would measure GNH and prioritize that over GDP. What use is it, he said, if you are economically successful but unhappy? Since… Read Article →