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Resource: Mental Health in Emergencies (WHO)

This brief document outlines what needs to be done before, during, and after an emergency to support affected populations. It’s brief and thorough but not in-depth. This document will provide a useful checklist for international social workers who want to ensure they’ve not missed any important elements. Mental Health in Emergencies: Mental and Social Aspects of Health of Populations Exposed to Extreme Stressors by WHO. 2003

Resource: Community-Based MHPSS in Areas of Mass Violence (MSF)

MSF has published a manual that provides a good basis for psychosocial interventionists responding to man-made crises. It’s basic and intended for coordinators and lay people. Psychosocial and Mental Health Interventions in Areas of Mass Violence: A Community-Based Approach by Kaz de Jong for Medicins Sans Frontieres/ Doctors without Borders. March 2011 I think it would be a useful tool in communicating and psychoeducation, especially for non-mental health colleagues or… Read Article →