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A sunset seen through storm clouds in the mountains.

A Little More about Suicide in Bhutan

As promised in my last post about Bhutan’s suicide problem, here’s a little info about religious beliefs, academic stress, and the government’s plan to address the problem. Religious Beliefs about Suicide Many of the articles I’ve read identify a need to promote spiritual identity as this is a protective factor against suicide. Bhutan is a Buddhist country where Tantric Buddhism is practiced. Beliefs around karma and reincarnation are central. Most… Read Article →

A sunset seen through storm clouds in the mountains.

Suicide in Bhutan

In a country known for its policy of Gross National Happiness, the high rate of suicide in Bhutan often surprises people. The country is in the beginning stages of collecting meaningful data regarding this trend. In this post, I’ve written about the information I was able to find online and some anecdotal data, too. Talking about suicide is new for the Bhutanese, medical providers included. This is a culture where… Read Article →